Taratari - তাড়াতাড়ি

Adjective & Verb | Bengali word meaning “quick”, “fast”, “rapid”, and “hurry up”.

What is Taratari?

Taratari is an online directory of shops, services, and restaurants in Bangladesh. At this time, our listings are limited to stores and businesses based in the Dhaka area.   

Why we do it

At Taratari, our goal is to make the lives of fellow Bangladeshis more convenient. Over the years we have found that there is a lot of information missing from the internet when it comes to Bangladesh’s diverse selection of shops, services, and restaurants. This means that, unlike in many other parts of the world, we are unable to find information about our city at the click of a button. Our mission at Taratari is to fill this information gap and give fellow Bangladeshis the access to information that we deserve.

Why choose Taratari?

Dhaka residents, expats, and tourists alike will find that the Taratari directory is easy to navigate. Users are able to browse listings however they wish, whether by category, neighborhood, or name. Unlike the Yellow Page-style directories of the past, Taratari has a simple interface that prioritizes efficiency in finding relevant information.

The Taratari team puts a lot of effort into making sure that Dhaka’s 20+ million people can quickly and effectively locate the information they need. Business contact and location information shown on Taratari is always curated and cross-referenced to ensure as much accuracy as possible. To ensure relevance to a majority of Dhakaites, the Taratari directory also prioritizes consumer-facing businesses, such as groceries and clothing brands, rather than industry-specific wholesalers and factories.

Taratari For Business

Businesses listed on Taratari enjoy the advantage of being discoverable online. Being listed means potential customers can find and get in touch with your business more easily than ever. 

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